Our friendly rules

We have a limited capacity (max 7 persons) and host guests; therefore, if you are our dear guest make sure you fix your meetings out of the house or inform me in advance

We would like to have breakfast together between 8:30 to 9:30

Some of the appliances in the kitchen are personal items like the washing machine,  juicer, and some crockery that are marked. Please do not use them

The living room belongs to the guests. Please place the books back in the shelf after reading them

There are two bins in the cabinet under the sink; one for wet and one for dry trash. We also collect the bottle doors and stale bread in separate baskets

Please make sure you use a plate when having sweets in order to avoid ants around the house

Please come home before 11pm to rest enough or inform me in advance that you are going to be late

Please remove the two drain lids when having a bath so that water drains. Later, kindly put the lid in place
It is highly appreciated to observe the silence after 11pm for the sake of other guests and neighbors

Please do not get close to the walls on the rooftop nor look over the wall since we have neighbor around

To save water, we do not change the water in the pond every day. We make sure it stays clean. We change the water at certain intervals

This lovely house is made of mud-brick and prone to humidity. Please do not pour a lot of water in the yard

To save water, each guest will be given a bedcover. Please kindly use it so that we do not have to wash the blankets every week
Leaving the house, Please ensure you turn off the lights in the room and close the door of the house

We hope you enjoy staying with us. Please make yourself feel at home in Padiav. You can experience living on a cozy wonderful old house in Yazd and enjoy watching the sky in the desert city of Yazd

We might not be perfect in serving you. Please do help us with your positive suggestions