Neda Soltan Dallal
Neda Soltan DallalFounder and manager
Neda is a graduate of architecture and restoration of a historical monument who grew up in Tehran, but when she came to Yazd to continue her education in 1994, she found peace in the historical context of Yazd and decided to become a citizen of the historical city of Yazd. He wants to continue living today in an old and historic house with his wife by renovating Padiav's house.
Mostafa Owlia
Mostafa OwliaPartner Manager
Mustafa is a graduate of Anthropology. He is a Yazidi man and is interested in graphic works. He has been a journalist for some time and is a good cook. Mustafa was not with him to continue the flow of life in the historical context of Yazd. He pays close attention to the details of life and is always caring for plants.
The local community and its children
The local community and its children our colleagues
The residents of Bazaar-e-Naw neighborhood, who are with us and their partner in Padiav's house with their acceptance, support and presence, as well as the presence of the neighborhood children who keep us well.