Free services

  • Breakfast: 8 to 10 am

  • Internet WiFi

  • Hairdryer and iron

  • Library

  • Television

  • Card Games

Padiav Kitchen

Possibility of ordering Yazdi and special foods with prior coordination

Non-free services

  • Bicycle rental: 10.000T per hour

  • Movie playback: 20.000T

  • Washing machine: 30.000T

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Padiav Store

Ability to buy special souvenirs from women's handicrafts

Green Life

Our effort is to make Padiau House sustainable and environmentally friendly so that we can have the least negative impact on the environment and the most positive impact on our local community.

  • Renovation of the house with clay, which is the most stable material (due to lack of production of construction debris)
  • To reduce the use of plastic bottles by installing a water purifier, you can use quality drinking water.
  • Wet and dry waste are separated
  • Kitchen appliances are energy efficient
  • The rooms inside the garden pit do not have cooling equipment and use energy inside the ground
  • The lamps are of low consumption type
  • To reduce power consumption, low-consumption air conditioners have been used in the rooms
  • We tried to use large dimensions instead of small disposable products such as small shampoos, etc.


To keep you safe and comfortable, the alley and roof are equipped with CCTV cameras and there is also a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit in the house.

Special tours

Information will be posted on the site soon

Safety measures to prevent coronavirus

We have at least two days between guest receptions Admission is limited Disinfectants are available in the home space Breakfast is in the courtyard Possibility to buy a Yazdi cloth mask

Sunrise and sunset

The roof of the house has the possibility to watch the beautiful sky of Yazd and the historical texture and see the sunrise and sunset